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Finding The Best Search Engine

Posted on September 7, 2021 by Barrett Florin

It was that Google's search results were far superior to any other search engine online. With a rise in technology by Google's closest rival Msn, it is becoming harder and harder to actually sort through and say that one is better.

Bearing this in mind I would suggest using all the main search engines to determine which one yields what you are searching for. I've found a search engine that I use all the time, and yields what I am searching for will be completely different for someone else trying to find exactly the same thing. Everybody has expectations for what they're searching for when they perform an internet search. These expectations are different for everybody, and I feel that with a small gap in the Algorithms of the major search engines, among these will match exactly what it is that you're looking for.


Because of the fact that there is not much that has not already been exploited with search engine technology, all the main sites have been pushing new features, to entice users. Gmail, Google's free web email is a good example of this. Gmail supplies over 2gb's of free storage, and is growing everyday. With the capability to pop email stored on the Gmail server it is difficult to beat. Yahoo and Msn have offered web based email for quite a long time, and it is exciting to see Google jump in the Sport. Gmail is still in a Beta stage, but it's made a massive push in the marketplace; Even convinced Hotmail to elevate their storage limit by over a factor of 10! This is only a little preview I think we'll see in the next while, as the various suppliers fight for our patronage.

Other attributes which all businesses offer are:

Local Search - Find things relative to a nearby place.

Image Search - Rather then surfing the internet to discover an image of your favorite car or digital camera, it is easy to browse through millions of images using the image search provided.

Movie - This is one feature that I feel really sets Yahoo apart from others. The ability to correctly look through thousands of movies all the internet in just seconds!

Music - This is a feature offered only by Msn. Type in an artist or song title, and be taken to a webpage to see artist profile and discography, and a place to buy music online.

Have a look around and become acquainted with all the various services that Search Engines are offering now a days and get the most out of your internet experience, and find information as fast as you want it!.