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How To Boost Your Keyword Density

Posted on July 12, 2021 by Barrett Florin

Let's talk about what keyword density is and how to improve your keyword density on your web site. To improve your keyword density ratio there are three components that we'll have to address.


When it comes to the Search Engines content is king! Yes king! Search Engines want web sites that are full of content. Content is words that are embedded in text on your web site. Your keyword density ratio is among the most essential elements of getting good Search Engine rankings and influences the Search Engines on the best way to rank your web site accordingly.

For those who aren't sure what keyword density is and the way the Search Engines use it to configure their rank structure, allow me to explain. Keyword density is the whole number of times your keywords appear within the content of your webpage, such as text, hyper links, and the ALT tag of your pictures. I will explain each of these so you'll have a clear comprehension of the principles. Your keyword density is measured by a simple mathematical formula that's used to configure your keyword density ratio.

To configure your density ratio you have to choose the amount of times a keyword appears in the content of your web site, divide it by the total number of words and that is your keyword density ratio. I will give you a quick example of keyword "Marketing":

Clearly the higher your keyword density is, the larger influence you will have getting the Search Engines to offer you a better position. Be careful though, you do not need to over repeat the identical combination of phrases or words merely to increase your keyword density. Your website could end up looking like a broken record.

Hyper Links

How often have you seen links that say"Click Here"? A lot huh! If you're currently using this sort of linking or will be linking, then you need to listen, because this is actually important to your density ratio. I will use my website for these examples so you can understand clearly.


First of all if you've got graphics on your web site, the graphics do not mean squat to the Search Engines. When the Search Engines robots crawl your website, those pictures are simply blank spots. The exact same blank spots are revealed to the surfers that have arrived in your own website with the graphics turned off. You'll discover that lots of surfers surf the web with images turned off.

This is where the alternative tag (ALT Tag) comes into play. The ALT tag is used to describe your picture to the surfers that surf the web with graphics off and above all, improves your density. Here's an example of how to put in the ALT tag in your images:

When describing the picture you need to be very descriptive and use keywords. Most individuals don't put in their ALT Tag correctly, for example, on their logo picture they will use"My Logo" in the ALT Tag. Which is the incorrect way to effectively utilize the ALT Tag, there are no key words in "My Logo".