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Adding City Names At The End Of Your Keywords Can Bring You More Profits

Posted on May 13, 2022 by Barrett Florin

In recent years, I have already been closely studying keywords which have famous city names by the end of these and what I've discovered is nothing lacking amazing. My research began with pay-per-click ads. With Google AdSense exactly the same keyword with just a city inserted by the end can attract substantially higher paying AdSense ads to your website. That basically surprised me and I went further and researched the type of traffic exactly the same keywords get for different well know American cities. Again I was set for a shock. Some cities have high traffic for a particular keyword when comparing them to others for exactly the same keyword.

What all of this means is you could target certain high traffic niches simply by adding the names of cities to the finish of one's keywords. On your own site it is possible to go further and execute a little research in regards to a certain keyword subject in the town or cities you are targeting and also have a full page for that city. The result is your site find yourself being ranked high using cities. This will automatically drive increased traffic to your internet site. In fact it is possible to attain traffic that you'll not need otherwise had the opportunity to attain.

The really amazing and attractive thing concerning this strategy may be the fact that you merely have to make very minor adjustments in your existing content, maybe even only create city pages with a similar content adjusted. Also, with some subjects you merely have to plant the name of the town in this article several times and you may have started targeting popular searches offering the names of popular cities.

It is really amazing that such a very simple thing as inserting the name of famous American cities could make such a massive difference in the traffic and earnings of an internet site or blog.